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  1. Learn how what you eat and how you treat your body affects your skin, nails, and hair with the beauty cookbook, Eat Pretty.

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2. For all the Francophiles out there, this is definitely a read for you. Creator of the French cosmetics brand Caudalie, explains the world of French beauty in the chicest manner. The French Beauty Solution is full of fun history facts, tips and tricks for living your life the French way.

the French Beauty Solution review

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3. If there’s one trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere it’s the Korean skin care trend. Soko Glam’s Charlotte Cho explores her world and the world of Korean skin care in her book “The Little Book of Skin Care“.

book review the little book of skin care - Cosmetic Composition

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4. Despite having never dyed my hair before (unless you count purple Manic Panic dye that lasted for an entire day), I genuinely enjoyed “Natural Hair Coloring”. The author, Christine Shahin, presents a very compelling argument towards using natural clays and pigments as opposed to chemical hair dyes. The book contains beautiful photos of naturally colored hair and has a lot of “how to’s” so that we can all try this beauty venture out!

Natural Hair Coloring - Cosmetic Composition