Europe Beauty Mood Boards

If you’re following along on my social media you may know that I went to Europe in the middle of April! I went for a week long trip with my younger sister who was study abroad in Barcelona for the semester. Followers may have noticed that I wasn’t sharing a ton of pictures or stories from my trip. Since this was a big trip for me (I fully paid for this alone and it was me and my sister’s first trip together) I tried to be in the moment and stay off my phone unless I found an Instagrammable scene. So instead of sharing all the details and thoughts from my 7 day adventure I thought I’d share some of the beauty inspiration I found in each city I visited. The images below are created from free online stock photos, but they help capture the inspiration I found from my travels to Paris, Rome and Barcelona.

Paris is truly everything you can imagine. The city is very calm and quiet for how massive it is. The women walking around were my main sources of inspiration. Minimalist but chic clothing, polished short nails, messy hair, minimal makeup (mascara, lipstick and blush). I’m sure these were all tourists but I saw many women wearing berets (which I also totally would have done if I didn’t have these bangs). Walking through the Metro system it became abundantly clear why Europeans are so into fragrance. While many people say French women don’t wear much or any perfume I found this to not be the case when I was quickly walking through Metros and caught the scent of a women walking in the opposite direction of me. Fragrance seems to be an absolute necessity in big cities like Paris – a blend of floral notes in your hair amidst the dirty Metro and street trash.

This trip was my first time in Rome and it was an absolute dream. The city is ancient and amazing, it feels like you’re walking around in a movie the entire time. So when I wasn’t stuffing my face with pasta or pointing out every scene from the Lizzie McGuire movie, I noticed some characteristics of Rome’s style. The women all looked fierce and in control managing to walk the cobblestone streets with black heeled boots, leather jackets, messy hair and a perfectly even layer of eyeliner. I had a lot of fragrance inspiration walking around Rome – from the warm morning cappuccinos, floral fields behind the Roman Forum to the fruity perfumes in every pharmacy. Rome inspired me to try wearing leather way more and start experimenting with floral fragrances.

My sister had lived in Barcelona for 3.5 months during her semester and was able to give me a ton of insight into the city. Notably that fashion and beauty-wise Barcelona was very common. The women walking around were not all dressed in one style or wearing one shade of lipstick, they all were unique and looked similar to the women I see walking the streets of Chicago. With the exception of the piece of yellow clothing and leather-everything that most of Europe seems to be into at the moment. My inspiration from Barcelona came from the Gothic-style architecture and intoxicating chocolate shops. Seriously – no one talks about how much chocolate can be found in the winding streets of downtown Barcelona.

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