Polished Professionals: Shani from Grad Perspective

Everyone ready for another edition of #PolishedProfessionals? I’m excited to have Shani from Grad Perspective on the blog this week! Shani has one of the most stylish science accounts sharing her looks in and out of the lab. I personally love her for rocking glasses all time – something as a contact wearer I’m not quiet ready to do yet. Read below for my lovely interview with Shani!

Elevator Pitch

I am a PhD candidate in Chemical Engineering and I formulate nanoparticles for drug delivery for my dissertation project. During my spare time I write a blog sharing my advice on graduate school and fashion styling tips.

For you, does beauty play a role in being a scientist? If yes, how?

I believe fashion and beauty are ways of self-expression. Working in a male-dominated field of engineering, it can be difficult and intimidating to be girly and feminine. I want to show women that it is alright to be feminine (if you so choose) and still be taken seriously. My love for beauty is a part of who I am and so is being a scientist.

How does an established morning or nighttime routine that helps you practice self-care and prepare for the day/bed?

When I wake up, I make myself a hot cup of coffee and then I will sip on it while I do my skincare and makeup. Taking that time to focus on myself through my makeup takes my mind off the stress of the day and all the things I need to get done. I start with my current moisturizer, L’Oreal Hydra Genius for Extra Dry Skin and then apply foundation! I try to play around with different eye looks. I love it, because the first think I do every day is so creative! Once or twice a week I do a face mask in the evening. I simply love face masks because it is a time to relax and pamper myself.

What are your favorite beauty products? Any in particular that help you manage life in the lab?

I love the look of dewy, glowy skin and my favorite foundation to create that look for everyday in the lab is the Neutrogena Healthy Skin liquid foundation with SPF. It’s light to medium coverage and it feels so great on the skin even after a long day. Another essential in the lab is hand cream, because I am constantly wearing gloves or washing my hands. My favorites are the little tubes from Bath and Body Works scented with peppermint or pumpkin spice.

Final Q, as a glasses wearer what are you best tips for keeping glasses clean, not falling off your face and functional in the lab?

My eye glasses are my best accessory because I wear them every single day. My tips for maintaining glasses as fellow glasses wearer, is to carry a microfiber cloth in your bag to clean your glasses and every couple of months get the temples of the glasses adjusted especially if you wear acrylic fames (most places will do it for free!). Another important tip, is to always wear googles overtop of your eyeglasses when working with chemicals. It hurts my soul, when I hear people say you can use your glasses as protective eyewear. Harsh chemicals will ruin your glasses and you have spent so much money on them that the best thing to do it protect them as well.

My last tip for looking great with glasses is to accentuate your eyes with makeup! I think long lashes bring out my eyes and frame my face behind my glasses. My two favorite mascaras are the L’Oreal Lash Paradise and the Maybelline Total Temptation.

Be sure to follow Shani from Grad Perspective on all her platforms for more scientist perspectives and fashion looks!

Instagram: @gradperspective

Blog: Graduate Perspective (see her most recent post here: https://graduateperspective.blog/2019/03/15/winter-favs/)

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