Budget-Friendly Places To Get Your Monthly Facial

In case you haven’t heard – the skincare industry is thriving right now. It feels like literally everyone is on a mission for better & healthier skin. One side effect of this recent surge in skincare popularity is the refreshed attention brought to estheticians and the ever classic facial. Now every beauty editor and blogger (guilty!) is recommending monthly facials.

As an esthetician, I entirely support these once a month facials, except that I have also experienced being on a student budget for 5 years and am now on my own as an adult. Currently, my budget doesn’t really allow for $100+ a month to spend on a facial when there are bills to pay. So what’s a skincare fanatic to do? Seek out those deals and be smart with your time & money!

There are a few routes one can go towards finding their monthly facial without breaking the bank.

  1. Esthetics Schools: as a former esthetics student I realize that these are not the most glamorous spaces and the students aren’t at their peak performance/knowledge. However, the deals are unbeatable and if you’re concerned with a student “ruining” your face just stick with a basic facial. Basic facials will at the minimum provide you with some relaxation, a deep cleanse, a facial massage & masque. Pro tip: Many esthetics schools do not allow you to tip students as they are not working a job. Also, some schools are cash only, so call ahead to find out all the details.
  2. New Spas: just as the skincare product industry is booming, spas and spaces alike (i.e. lash & brow studios, wax-only spas, etc.) are popping up like crazy. If you find a new spa at the right opening they will most likely be offering discounts & deals to gain clientele.
  3. MindBody: similar to finding a new spa becoming a new spa client could land you some wallet-friendly services. The app MindBody is a great way to find new spa & salons, and also has a super handy feature that highlights deals a business may be offering for new clients.
  4. Gyms: many people may not know that a lot of gyms have in-house spas. Personally, I get my monthly facial at a gym! And I’m not even a member, which is a huge misconception that I’m sure much of the public has. I found my esthetician on Instagram and she offered me a discounted facial for my first service and I’m now a monthly regular.
  5. Express Facials: the express facial is a service typically 30 mins long that offers a deep cleanse, quick exfoliation and a good masking session. This service is a great option for those who want a quick and relaxing session that gives your skin a perfect little tune up.
  6. Groupon: using this discounted online service may seem super obvious but it’s a classic that should be recommended. Using Groupon could also help you find a spa that you like before committing to a facial package.
  7. Facial Packages: this leads me to my final recommendation. When you do find a spa that you enjoy, whether that be at a school, gym or new spa investing in a facial package is a great option. While the upfront cost of purchasing a facial package is pricey it lowers the overall cost of each facial. During my December facial, I purchased a spa deal which gave me 5 facials for ~$225, which works out to only $45/facial. The $45 was much more manageable in my budget and gave me room to properly tip my esthetician.

What are your recommendations for finding a budget-friendly monthly facial? I’d love to learn everyone’s secrets!

4 thoughts on “Budget-Friendly Places To Get Your Monthly Facial

  1. A says:

    I’m a disabled senior on a fixed income so I’m looking for super cheap. I go to a local high school beauty salon where I can get a facial, massage and paraffin hand treatment (great for arthritis) for free which is the price for all seniors over 55. My tip is, always ask if a senior or student discount is offered, and try different students till you find one that clicks and stay loyal to her/him.

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