Polished Professionals: Teresa Ambrosio

I am thrilled to be kicking off 2019’s first #PolishedProfessionals featuring Teresa Ambrosio, who you may know more from her killer SciComm Instagram account. Teresa frequently writes about women in STEM fields, her own research, and the importance of mental health for PhD students. Creator of the hashtag #featurethechemistry Teresa has been a huge influencer for bringing chemistry posts to a wider audience on social media. Read our interview below to learn more about how beauty plays a role in Teresa’s life.

Elevator Pitch

My name is Teresa, a fourth-year PhD student at the University of Nottingham. I do research in the field of catalysis, which means finding ways to speed up very slow chemical reactions.

For you, does beauty play a role in being a scientist? If yes, how?

I think it’s important for women to feel comfortable in their own skin. If this involves fancy clothing, make up etc, women should feel comfortable in doing so. Personally speaking, I do dress up and do makeup before going to lab. I like to see myself attractive , it’s a great boost for my self esteem and confidence. With this being said, I do work on myself too, it’s important to like the person beneath the surface. Confidence comes from within, the rest is just a bit of a leg up.

How does an established morning routine help you practice self-care and prepare for the day?

I set the goal of having a morning routine as New Year’s Resolution. I wash my face with a cucumber face wash and moisturize with a cucumber lotion. (See pic). Once a week I do a face mask and I use toner to remove makeup. Although I embraced a waste-free life, I use these products from Boots. Boots is one of the first pharma industry born in the UK. The headquarter is based in Nottingham and it gives jobs to loads of people here. Sir Jess Boots also donated the land to create the University of Nottingham and it was one of the first enterprises to give paid leaves to their employees. I buy from Boots because I like the products and totally embrace the vision of the company.

What are your favorite cosmetic & personal care products? Any in particular that help you manage life in the lab?

I don’t leave the house without mascara and eyeshadow (See pic). I buy my products at Kiko an Italian brand that sells worldwide. I don’t use foundation because it’s very impractical when it comes to working in a chemistry lab. I wash my face often and foundation would be useless.

Be sure to follow Teresa on all her platforms!

Instagram: @teresa_ambrosio_com and @crocheting_science

Twitter: @teresaambrosio_

Website: teresaambrosio.com

Etsy: PhDToSuccess

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