My Glossier Chicago Experience

Glossier Chicago Experience - Cosmetic Composition

Yesterday I took myself out to a little day-date in the city. Got myself a $6 matcha latte, put on my favorite podcasts, and made my way to the Glossier Chicago store.  I began noticing groups of girls carrying the signature millennial pink bag walking in the opposite direction of me when I turned the corner on an empty West Loop street and saw the pop-up shop. There is an adorable little storefront where I was greeted by a Glossier Girl who complimented my jacket and honestly made the whole trip worth it. Inside the scene was vibrant, full of many curious shoppers and square tables full of products to sample.

Knowing that I would instantly be overwhelmed by wanting to try every product I started making a list in my phone of the products I wanted to purchase (I had a $50 Visa gift card burning a hole in my pocket). After making my way around the crowds of young girls and their moms (honestly, I think this was the entire popular of the store when I made it in) I narrowed my list down to 4 products. And when I approached the tall gorgeous Glossier Girl to place my order I spontaneously chose 2 of the 4 off my list – You Solid Perfume ($22) and Lidstar in “Cub” ($18). I snapped all the necessary store and mirror pics, picked up a free Glossier postcard and made my way home to break out the new products.

Glossier Reviews - Cosmetic Composition

Glossier You Perfume Solid Review

There is a bit of controversy around the “You” fragrance because Glossier really won’t give it a description as it meant to be unique to each person. I’m very into roll-on and direct application scents right now, so I was very drawn to the solid perfume. The solid perfume scent instantly brought me back to the smell of the trees on my visit to Mount Rushmore – so I was sold. As I walked around the store with the scent on my perfume spots (wrist, behind the ears and chest) the smell slowly melted into a warm spicy scent perfect for fall and winter. I can see myself making this scent my new daily fragrance as the seasons keep changing.

Lidstar in “Cub” Review

Despite constant bickering with my best beauty friend over this topic, I am a fan of no-makeup makeup. I’d honestly prefer not to wear anything aside from chapstick, undereye concealer and mascara but there is a part of me that sees the fun in makeup. I still constantly fall for the minimalist vibe so Lidstars spoke to me pretty quickly. I did my research ahead of time (a.k.a. took the quiz on Glossier’s site) and decided that “Cub” would be the best shade for my eyes. The rose-gold pink is the perfect compliment for my strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. The shimmery liquid eye color is very blendable and buildable with the proper layers. So far I am loving the look for a soft pink effect that really brings out the blue in my eyes.

If you’re in the area Glossier will be in Chicago until October 28th and I would highly recommend taking yourself on a date there! (This post is not sponsored – all opinions are my own)



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