Polished Professionals: Zuri Ki

Zuri Ki

For this week’s #PolishedProfessionals I am featuring a gal I met a few weekends ago after meeting on Instagram! I was lucky enough to attend Zuri’s first ever event and I wanted to share her story of all the awesome things she is doing for the women in STEM here in Chicago.

Elevator Pitch

Hi! My background is in physics and engineering and I work as a virtual lab manager for biotech startups by day and an event planner by night. I’m located in Chicago where I create events for professional women to explore science topics in a fun, engaging way.

Does beauty play a role in being a scientist? If yes, how?

Absolutely! I enjoy feeling and looking beautiful. And I always encourage women to do whatever makes them feel beautiful in and out of the lab. I also LOVE learning about the science behind beauty products. I believe the more you know about the science the better equipped you are to make the right decision for you.

Zuri Ki Wellness Event

Do you have any experience with being treated differently in your professional life for beauty habits or routines that you participate in?

Thankfully, I can’t think of any moment where I have been treated differently for putting on makeup or trying a new beauty routine.

If you could formulate one product what would it be?

A super face wash that cleanses, reduces dark circles, hydrates, eliminates acne and leaves you with fresh glowing skin. I need someone to make this ASAP! (This honestly sounds like a dream product)

Desert island beauty product edition! What 3 products do you need to survive?

Vaseline (keeps my lips super soft), Biossance Squalane + Antioxidant Cleansing Oil and my eyebrow pencil.

Any favorite beauty hacks for the lab, desk, gym, traveling, or anywhere else?

During overseas trips, I like using undereye masks to brighten up my eyes and look more awake.





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