NYFW SS’19 Beauty Trends

New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is my favorite cultural event of the year to follow, I love spending hours scrolling through all the pictures and fashion magazines. When I first developed an interest in beauty, NYFW was responsible. Magazine spreads listing “The 10 Trends from NYFW You Need to Try” highly appealed to the type-A, listing loving person that I am. In normal fashion, I spent this week screenshotting Instagrams and blog posts of my favorite looks and frequently sported trends. So to complete the circle of life here’s my list of NYFW Spring 2019 (SS’19) beauty trends:

1.  Pink

For those who don’t know how fashion weeks work, the Fall shows are featuring the lines for the following Spring. So many of the colors are light and colorful, as Spring is meant to be. Without a doubt, pink was the most used makeup, hair, and nail color that I saw this year.

2. Glitter Lips

More specifically, lip art was shown all over the runways this year. Jeremy Scott was the first show to debut this trend with Instagrammable glitter lips. This past year has been full of creating awareness and developing products that contain environmentally friendly glitter. It will be interesting to see which lip products get launched with sustainable glitter in the upcoming months.

3. Color Washed Eyes

Nearly every eyeshadow look on the runway this year threw back to a few years ago when color blocking cosmetics ruled everything. A solo-color washed across and expanding over the eyelid seemed to appear on every runway this year. Pink is the most popular colors, following by vibrant blues, greens, and yellows.

4. Floral Hair Designs

Made popular by Rodarte, hair dressed in flowers was another trend this season. Models had long, messy tresses with flowers sewn in. Accompanied by ribbons, glitter, and braids, flowers were the most common hair accessory this year.

5. Romantic Twists

Many of the featured beauty looks this year had glowing skin, messy hair, simplistic makeup, and pink tones which is fairly common for every Spring show. However, these romantic tones are all meet with a twist – black lips, bubble nail art, and glitter everywhere.

Are you planning on trying any of the trends this upcoming spring?? Having shows two seasons before allows for ample planning and practice, so I will definitely be attempting at least one of these trends! Let me know your favorite trends from this year’s NYFW SS’19 shows in the comments below.


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