Should You Be Using Snail Skin Care?

Snail Mucin Composition - Cosmetic Composition

If you’re a Korean skincare fan like me you know the true power of snail mucin. The global snail beauty product is expected to reach $769.5 million by 2025. This slimy ingredient can get you the glass skin of your dreams, but is there any scientific evidence for its effectiveness?

Snail Secretion Filtration (INCI name), or snail mucin, is a popular Asian-originated skin care ingredient that comes from a variety of snails but is most commonly the product of garden snails or Cryptomphalus aspersa (SCA). Snail mucin is composed of glycoproteins, hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, allantoin, collagen & elastin, an array of elements (like copper and zinc), glycans and peptides. In addition to possessing antimicrobial properties, nearly all of these components are skincare ingredient gold.

Snail mucin was first discovered for use in skincare for its hydrating benefits when snail handlers began noticing how soft their hands had become. With the recent surge of K-Beauty popularity in the United States, the claims for skin mucin products have continually grown over the years. What started as “the best hydrating ingredient” has turned into a “miracle anti-aging product“.

The science behind the components of snail mucin, like hyaluronic acid and allantoin, are well-studied and proven to be effective, the claims behind anti-aging are very minimal. There are a few heavily sited studies all performed in-vivo and with small sample sizes (n) that produced positive results for the use of SCA-containing skin care products. The most cited study’s participants noted that the appearance in their skin changed the most, but the quality of their skin had no significant difference.

Research into the skin cell repair and rejuvenation properties of Snail Secretion Filtrate is still ongoing.  Consumer experiences have amazing reviews of snail mucin containing products, despite the science not quite all there yet. Personally, I am a huge fan of Snail Secretion Filtrate product and I am currently using 4 in my routine! I’ve been using snail mucin products for years now and I do accredit it to fading my (minor) acne scars. Although I haven’t convinced any of my friends or family to try out any of the products – turns out they’re not into the idea of putting snail secretion on their faces?

Have you tried products with snail mucin? How was your experience? I’d love to know!


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