Polished Professionals: PhD Fashionista


Andrea is one of the OG science bloggers/Instagrammer’s and I am thrilled to be featuring her this week on #PolishedProfessionals!

Elevator Pitch

I am a Postdoctoral Scholar at a Biotech Company, who works on rare diseases by day, and a fashion blogger/science communicator by night/weekend! I currently live in Boston, MA, and I started my blog 6 years ago to show others that scientists can still be fashionable!

For you, does beauty play a role in being a scientist? If yes, how?

Beauty plays a part in our everyday life! All of the cosmetics, shampoos, skin products, all are thanks to science! For me personally, you don’t need to be involved in beauty to be a scientist, but its 100% ok to love beauty, makeup, and fashion, and still be considered a serious scientist!

Do you have any experience with being treated differently in your professional life for beauty habits or routines that you participate in?

I honestly have been lucky to never have experienced any kind of difference in treatment due to wanting to be fashionable or wear makeup as a scientist. Though I have had people comment, oh what are you all dressed up for – when I just wanted to look cute, or if it’s a Friday, I like doing up my hair or makeup. Other times I have had people make fun of me for my blog – but I just shrugged it off, because what does their opinion matter what I do in my personal life?

If you could formulate one product what would it be?

Hmm, I would make a waterproof product that doesn’t clump or affect sensitive skin. Every waterproof product I have tried on my eyes always ends up bothering me – particularly lately waterproof liquid liner. They dry “shiny” and look “rubbery” on my skin, and sometimes it stings! It would be nice to have a liner that I 100% know won’t smudge after my workouts or a long day in the lab!

Desert Island – beauty product edition! What 3 products do you need to survive?

Mascara, liquid liner, and a moisturizer!

Any favorite beauty hacks for the lab, desk, gym, traveling, or anywhere else?

Whenever we work in the lab, we must have our hair tied back, as you don’t want it to get caught in anything, get in your experiments, or catch on fire! Same with the gym – don’t want to get too sweaty and a mess! I have really long hair, so it has to go up! I always have a hair tie on my wrist, but get so annoyed when it breaks! My beauty hack is to cut the wrist off of a glove, and use that to tie my hair! It’s a makeshift hair tie and it actually does a good job!

If you’re not already following Andrea, you can follow her on all her social & blog below!

Instagram: @phd_fashionista

Twitter: @phd_fashionista

Website: www.phdfashionista.com


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