Polished Professionals: Rachel from Skin Deep Science

Rachel from Skin Deep Science

I’ve been following Rachel on Instagram for quite a while now and she’s an incredibly talented chemistry student who is able to merge her passion for makeup and interest in science into creative art! Read below for my interview with this scientist.

Elevator Pitch

Hi! I’m Rachel, and I study forensic biology at the University of Toronto. I love science and makeup, and I created my Instagram to fuse the two fields!

For you, does beauty play a role in being a scientist? If yes, how?

I try to fuse the worlds of beauty and science through my Instagram! My research is genetics based and my studies focus on forensics, so beauty doesn’t influence me much academically. I love the scicomm community, however, and use my passion for beauty to be an active member of it! I love to do science swatches, for example, where I use new beauty products to draw scientific images and educate my followers about new topics each week.

Biology Makeup Swatch


Do you have any experience with being treated differently in your professional life for beauty habits or routines that you participate in?

It’s hard to be open about your passion for beauty in science because you never know if your peers are totally cool or if they think that beauty and intelligence can’t go together. I would love for the world to be a more accepting and open-minded place when it comes to beauty and science, but I haven’t found that it is. Wearing makeup to the lab has definitely gotten me some strange looks (mostly from male peers, but not exclusively!). Of course, that’s just my experience!

If you could formulate one product what would it be?

I would love a moisturizer that isn’t too oily. Everything I’ve found is far too moisturizing for my oily skin, leading to even worse breakouts.

Desert island beauty product edition! What 3 products do you need to survive?

I would absolutely need my Milk Makeup Kush mascara, Wet n’ Wild Photo Focus Concealer (I blend it right into my bare skin for super light coverage!), and something with glitter.

Science Swatch

Any favorite beauty hacks for the lab, desk, gym, traveling or anywhere else?

Using waterproof mascara in the lab has proven to be necessary. I spend a ton of time looking into microscopes and I find that waterproof doesn’t come off nearly as easily! I also love using a touch of highlighter on the inner corner of my eye to appear more awake for those early mornings!

You can follow Rachel on her Instagram @skin.deep.science and her Esty company @starstuffcosmetics – yes this science student has found the time to create her own pressed glitter business!




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