Esqido’s “Night Bouquet” Lash Review


It was the morning of my best friend’s wedding and we were all in her kitchen getting ready for the upcoming day. My aunt was generous enough to do our makeup and as soon as she applied the false lashes I started freaking out. At this moment I realized that despite that faux lash application is literally part of my curriculum in esthetics school I had never actually worn a pair. They were heavy, my lashes felt tangled together and my eyes looked crazy gorgeous. The pair of faux lashes I brought with me to the wedding was the “Night Bouquet” pair from Esqido. After 1/2 hour my eyes started feeling normal, my lashes separated, my eyelids adjusted to the heaviness and I started enjoying the feel of the lashes. Throughout the day the lashes stayed perfectly in place until the end of the night when I slowly peeled them off and crashed into bed.

Night Bouquet lashes

This pair of strip lashes is made from mink hair (which is frequently marketed as “ethically sourced!”) and is connected to a cotton band that holds the lashes together. The complementary lash glue ingredients are Acrylates/Ethylhexyl Acrylate copolymer, water.  Esquido’s site lists the lash glue as “Formaldehyde and Latex-free formula”. These ingredients would be incredibly harmful to place near the eye, however, I doubt that they are ever used in lash glue formulas anymore – it is 2018 and we’ve all gotten a bit smarter about safety.

Acrylates and Ethylhexyl Acrylate copolymer is a type of polymer that has a multitude of properties in the cosmetic world. In regards to faux lash application, these copolymers act as film-forming agents, waterproofing, and bonding agents – all which make it a perfect ingredient for sticking a pair of lashes to your eyes.

Esqido was kind enough to send me a complementary pair of their mink lashes and lash glue for the wedding weekend. For all the lash people out there I would definitely recommend trying them out! It made the day so much more fun having tried a new makeup item and getting to show off the lashes in all the wedding pictures.



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