Ulta Beauty SPF 50 Sunscreen Rose Water Setting Spray

Ulta Setting Spray Review - Cosmetic Composition.jpg

Sometime at the beginning of this summer, I received a Snapchat from a friend of an SPF setting spray from a friend, I gasped and replied “omg need I’m buying that ASAP” and the next day I made my way out to Ulta and was lucky enough to grab one of the last bottles. This SPF spray has become a staple in my summer beauty wardrobe and will likely make a re-appearance in the following years. The Ulta Beauty SPF 50 Sunscreen Rose Water Setting Spray sounds like a product that’s too good to be true. A blend of chemical sunscreen ingredients, classic setting spray ingredients, and spearmint, green tea, and aloe vera extracts in rose water – AND it’s only $10. Throughout my few months of use, I’ve picked up a few notes on the product and wanted to share for my fellow sun conscious beauty people.

Setting sprays are different from facial sprays. Facial sprays are meant to hydrate and refresh the skin with ingredients like emollients, humectants, extracts, and waters. Setting sprays often provide the same hydrating and refreshing ingredient as above but mainly focus on ingredients that create a thin protective layer on your skin to prevent makeup from moving. These ingredients can include occlusives, polymers, and silicones.

An SPF facial spray should not replace your normal sunscreen lotion. Ideally, products like this Ulta Beauty spray are meant to be touch-ups for sun protection throughout the day. Removing makeup to reapply sunscreen or applying lotion on top of sunscreen is very unrealistic, so a product like this spray is ideal for giving your skin the touch up it needs. I keep mine in my purse so I can apply it after work before I’m heading into a very sunny rush hour. Additionally, using spray sunscreen products do not give your skin full protection since it is dispersed in the air and typically not applied in an even coating. Personally, I’ll take the minor touch-up protection than absolutely nothing at all.

Many online reviews claim that this product can be pretty greasy which I have found to be somewhat true. Sunscreens tend to feel a bit greasy so I’d recommend blotting your face first to soak up any of the present excess oil and then applying the spray. Especially if you’re wearing makeup, it will help prevent a cakey look after applying this spray to 6-hour old foundation.

Overall, I’m obsessed with this product and will never leave home without it in my purse. Despite being called a “rose water” spray it only smells like sunscreen to me but I’m okay with that because I know I’ve successfully nailed the cool-girl sunscreen touch up.

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