Foreo LUNA fofo review

Foreo LUNA fofo review - Cosmetic Composition

I honestly didn’t find myself that excited to write this post because I’m not super excited about this product in general. When I was gifted this summer’s FabFitFun box I was super pumped to see that the new LUNA fofo facial brush was included – naturally, I got the pink brush. I’ve used silicone scrubber brushes before but never a fancy one that vibrated and analyzed my skin.

A few specs about the brush – it is a silicone, nonporous electronic facial brush that is meant to be used with a cleanser on damp skin. The nonporous part is very important because that means no water can be hidden in places so no bacterial or yeast/mold growth will end up on your face. The silicone bristles are very tiny and numerous but gentle enough to provide a very (VERY) slight exfoliation. The brush has a complementary app that is synced with your brush to record your skin analysis and build a skin profile. When using the app there are two options once it’s synced, analyze and cleanse. I’ve been removing my makeup with micellar water or an oil-based cleanser and then utilizing the skin analysis feature. The app will prompt you to place the gold sensors found on the back of the brush on 5 areas of your face before revealing your hydration and current skin type. While my skin type (normal) has remained consistent I have noticed that my hydration levels are higher in the morning than night time.

Foreo Luna fofo brush review - Cosmetic Composition

So why am I not very excited about this product? I really don’t feel like the vibration and device, in general, does much for my skin or skincare routine. It’s really more of a fun luxurious add-on that can measure one skin analytic for ya. The Foreo LUNA fofo won’t make a huge impact on your skin, you’re better off spending the money on a nice creamy cleanser. However, one huge positive of this facial brush is the timer feature. Synced with the app or alone – the brush will vibrate for 15 seconds, pause and then resume for another 15 seconds until it has vibrated for 60 total seconds. This feature really allows consumers to get a deep cleanse at home by focusing on each area of their face. The app shows a face chart meant to correlate with 4 zones for the 15-second increments (left cheek, right cheek, chin/neck, forehead/nose).

Foreo LUNA fofo

Now if you’re wondering about the science behind this little skin device I’m here to tell you there’s not much. While true that vibration movements can help increase product and ingredient penetration into the epidermis a product with this level of power won’t be able to do much. Machines like ultrasound and the Hydrafacial spatulas use intense vibrational waves to help push product into the skin and are support by a lot of electricity which simply isn’t present with a battery-powered brush.

So while I am going to keep enjoying my Forea LUNA fofo smart brush with my very low foaming cleansers pretending that I can afford luxurious skin add on’s I’m only going to do so when I’m gifted with the extra time. This brush won’t be a part of my daily routine but will pop up frequently to help me get a deep cleanse. Again I would like to emphasize spending your money elsewhere if you’re looking to invest in a skincare device.


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