GIVEAWAY! The Beauty of Dirty Skin Book

The Beauty of Dirty Skin Giveaway - Cosmetic Composition.jpg

Last month I wrote about the latest skincare book I had read The Beauty of Dirty Skin by dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe. In my Instagram announcing the new post, I included a screenshot of all the pictures I’ve taken of the book since I had rented it from my local library instead of buying a copy (the screenshot didn’t even cover all the pics I really had!). The post caught the attention of Dr. Bowe herself who was generous enough to offer a signed copy for me and 2 signed copies for my followers! Of course, I jumped on this opportunity to share the skincare book I love so much with all my dedicated followers. While I’ve been busy highlighting the book to clear up some storage space on my camera roll I wanted to share a few habits I’ve stuck with since finishing this book last month.

Chapter 11 of “The Beauty of Dirty Skin” includes numerous meal and mask recipes for readers to try out. From my screenshots, I’ve managed to make a few of the recipes including the Bowe Glow Berry Smoothie, and both Hearty Roasted Veggie Mixes. As a very health conscious and busy gal I’m very excited to have the book on hand to shake up my normal meal prep recipes. I wake up early to head into work and then go straight to esthetician school at night so I literally have zero time during the week to cook. This has caused me to become one of those crazy people on Pinterest who meal prep everything. I pre-make in mass quantities of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks to get myself through the week. My fellow lab-bound scientists will understand how important is it to have enough food (and protein) to get through the day.

On top of having no time during the week to cook, I like to challenge myself to eat extremely healthy so I don’t crash during my nonstop 15 hour days. This involves me eating vegetarian, limiting my dairy, sugar, and carb intake. There has been a ton of speculation in the skin science community about the effects that dairy has on skin, particularly if dairy causes acne and inflammation. Dr. Bowe suggests that, while the exact link is not discovered yet, milk ingredients whey and casein may play the biggest role. Affecting our body’s insulin levels and the insulin-like hormone IGF-1, respectively. Dr. Bowe recommends that while some dairy can be healthy for humans like greek-yogurt and hard cheese, avoiding milk products like milk and ice cream can make the biggest impact. I have been dairy-free before so avoiding milk and ice cream hasn’t been very hard for me, it’s the food products like butter and desserts that I often consume overlooking the fact that they contain milk product. Yet, I don’t see a world where I won’t consume butter or milk chocolate.

Finally, exfoliation rules. I love exfoliating, easily one of my favorite steps in any routine and I can never own enough exfoliation products. BUT, I got extremely upset when I read that Dr. Bowe only recommends exfoliating skin twice per week 😦 I am still bitter about reluctantly accepting this habit even though it has improved my skin. If it were up to me I’d work a form of exfoliation into my routine every day (I may or may not have done this numerous times). Since over-exfoliating can induce redness, sensitivities, and mess with our barrier exfoliating twice per week gets the job done without causing any harm. While I’ll occasionally dip into a dead skin cell reducing product on the weekends I currently try to follow the routine of using a physical exfoliant on Tuesday and a chemical exfoliant on Thursday. I have been following this rule for about 4 weeks now and my skin is way less sensitized. The time between my skin turning red from touch and being back to its normal self-has gone down dramatically and I can’t help but believe it’s from treating my skin layers a bit nicer.

So, you’re probably wondering how to get your hands on this book? Entering is easy! Simply follow me on Instagram (@cosmetic_composition), and “Like” my picture announcing the giveaway! The contest is only open to those in the continental U.S. (sorry I can’t afford to ship internationally yet!) and will close Tuesday the 3rd at 11:59pm. The 2 winners will be announced later in the week. If you don’t have an Instagram account but would still like to participate just leave your email address below and I will include you with the other contest entries (only one entry per email address please). Best of luck to all my followers!


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