Book Review: The Beauty of Dirty Skin

The Beauty of Diry Skin book review - Cosmetic Composition

After learning through Instagram that dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe published a book about the use of probiotics for healthy skincare I knew I had to get my hands on a copy. I made a crack on my IG when I rented the book from my local library because I wasn’t popular enough to get a PR copy or willing to spend $19 to get my own hard copy. After finishing my library book yesterday I desperately wish I had spent the money to get my own copy, my phone is filled with screenshots of references. No joke – the beauty nerd in me wanted to highlight that entire book.

The skincare industry is exploding right now and everyone has their own opinion on what are the best products, treatments or protocols to follow to get glowing skin. Dr. Bowe makes a very strong case for a lifestyle that incorporates probiotics to get glowing skin – I’ve adopted a few new habits while reading this book.

The Beauty of Dirty Skin is split into three easy-to-read parts. The first section is all about the science of skin, exploring how stress affects our body, the gut-brain-skin axis and more. Personally, this was my favorite section to read, as an esthetician student I’ve learned a lot about the biology of skin and I’m constantly trying to learn more about it. I have a strong understanding of chemistry but I’ve taken a recent interest in learning more biology. This book was a perfect stepping stone for me to explore more into skin science.

The second part of the book is how making simple lifestyle adjustments can improve your skin. Learning what foods build a healthy diet, the importance of sleep, exercise & meditation, why sticking to a skincare routine is vital and how pre- and probiotic foods & supplements amp up your skin’s health. This section of the book is where I took most of my mental notes – only exfoliate your skin two times a week, start eating eggs again, actually look into which probiotic supplements I’m currently taking, and reluctantly realizing that I need to commit to exercising.

Finally, the third part of the book is all about the ~Bowe Glow~ plan that Dr. Bowe developed. It’s a 3-week program that focuses on committing to a better diet (complete with a chapter full of recipes), bettering your mind, and of course, focusing on your skin. Personally, I’m not a fan of following a program like this I’d rather adopt some of the recipes and habits that are written about in my current routine.

The chatter around “The Beauty of Dirty Skin” makes it seem like the whole book is about probiotics but really it’s a great book for anyone looking to learn about the fundamentals of skin care and healthy lifestyle. This book isn’t just for the science-savvy skincare obsessees out there, it’s really for anyone who just wants to know more about skin. Dr. Bowe cites 116 references (cue heart eye emojis) throughout the book and I wish I had the time to read all of them. “The Beauty of Dirty Skin” is written beautifully in a way where probiotics aren’t being marketed to you but rather a way that makes probiotics just another part of skincare.



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