The Importance of Body Skincare


There’s a French saying that skincare starts at your face and ends at your nipples. This philosophy points to the importance of applying skincare to more than just your face. Focusing on your skin as a whole can enhance your health and delay the appearance of aging. My mom has always told me that the first signs of aging appear on your hands and neck/chest – recently this has influenced me to focus more on the rest of my body for skincare.

With the rise of body products in 2018 (Glossier’s Body Hero, Fenty’s Body Lava) it’s no surprise that beauty marketing has shifted towards this trend. Products “specifically formulated” for your neck, hands, chest, hands, and feet have become popular. While the skin on our face is typically more delicate it does not mean that we need a different lotion for our cheeks as we do for our neck. By brushing skincare down to our ears, neck, and chest we can make all of our face skincare products multi-purpose.

IMG_4519In regards to the rest of our body, it’s not very necessary to apply our fancy face potions to our arms & legs. I’ve come up with three key steps to keeping your body’s skin in top shape.

  1. Exfoliate – use a dry brushing technique, sugar scrub, pumice stone, etc. Our skin cells naturally turn over every 28 days, but accelerating this process through exfoliation can help the skin appear more vibrant, decrease dead cell build up, and give the skin a soft & smooth texture
  2. Moisturize – getting into the habit of using a daily moisturizer after showering can dramatically help reduce dry & crepey skin and keep your largest organ happy & healthy
  3. Sun Protection – body sunscreen typically only gets used during the summer time and while it may seem excessive to use daily SPF body moisturizer during colder months there are a few key places that need protection all year round. Applying sunscreen to your hands, face, neck, chest, ears and exposed scalp every day of the year will help keep your skin extra protected. This is extra important nowadays with the rise of skin cancer – more people are diagnosed with skin cancer than any other cancer (source & more info).

IMG_4518I don’t buy products specifically for my neck or chest but I have a few skincare faves that I tend to use specifically on those areas. Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Green Tea pads are my all time favorite neck and chest exfoliant. The pads are gentle enough to use, there’s no mess to worry about, and the double sided pads last for an all over exfoliation. Since getting bangs I’ve had to make the switch to matte sunscreens in order to prevent hair greasiness.  The Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster I received from esthetician school has become my daily SPF moisturizer for my neck and chest – the formula is a bit more watery than I prefer for my face and is slightly scented but gives me the coverage I need. Finally, if I have a heavier moisturizer I’ll use that primarily for my neck and chest but since I’m using lightweight moisturizers with the seasons changing I’ll just use my at-the-moment product (which is currently L’Oreal’s Hydra Genius).


Do you have any favorite neck, chest or body products? I’d love to hear everyone’s favorite multi-tasking skincare products!


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