Daiso Japan Foaming Net Review

Foaming Net Review.jpg

I first read about foaming nets on Snow White and the Asian Pear’s site and immediately knew I had to try this beauty tool out. The Daiso Japan Foaming Net 2 piece set is $4.68 on Amazon Prime so why not try it out for that price. The foaming net caught my attention for shower use since there’s been a lot of negative press about using loofah’s & bar soap and the obscene amount of bacteria they carry. Seeing as I am terrified of germs (even though part of my job is to do microbial tests lol), I figured this net might be a good way to wash my body without those unwanted microbes (I dry the foaming net and keep it out of my shower after using it, in attempts to keep the net as clean as possible).


The foaming net looks a bit odd but is crazy easy to use. Get the net wet, add a small amount of product (I aim for a penny size), and rub the netting together until a foam is produced, the whole process takes about 12 seconds. One piece of advice I learned early on is that you have to use a water-based product that has lots of surfactants. Initially, I tried using my Mario Badescu Enzyme Gel Cleanser that only contains one very mild surfactant and felt ripped off when it didn’t foam up. Then I reminded myself that I am a scientist and know better – since then I’ve been using my Dove Winter Care body soap and various shampoos. My favorite part of the foaming net is how little product you need to make a seemingly endless amount of foam. Also, the foam has a very thick texture which makes it very pleasant to use on skin.

Foaming Net


A foam is formed when gas gets trapped inside a liquid or solid. The friction of the net causes the gas (in this case – air) to combine with the liquid soap to help produce the foamy substance that appears in the net. The resulting foam is also referred to as “suds” and these suds are held together and formed by one of the coolest chemical interactions ever called Van der Waals force. The strength of Van der Waal force is very low which is how the foam can be distributed and washed away so easily.

Overall, this tool is definitely worth the price and is pretty fun in my opinion. It’s also a great way to use less product and help you save money in the long run because a little product goes so far with the net!


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