Betres Goat Milk Soap Review

Goat Milk Soap Review

When visiting Fort Lauderdale last month I was super excited to have stumbled upon a Hispanic beauty section at Target. Being so close to South America this area of the country has easy access to different beauty products. I quickly snatched up a bar of Betres Goat Milk soap (a steal at $2.50) and began researching.

I’ve been using this soap the past couples weeks and I’ve definitely noticed a difference compared to traditional bar soap. The bar suds up nicely and doesn’t leave my skin with that tight sticky layer like those free little hotel soaps do. My legs are very dry so I have a religious routine of applying a generous amount of lotion after each shower. I’ve noticed that since I’ve been using this soap my legs don’t get tights and crepy as soon as they’re dry – I can wait a bit longer post-shower before applying my lotion now.  The smell is clean and fresh but doesn’t linger for very long. Additionally, bar soap kinda freaks me out germ-wise so I spend a lot of time trying to forget that it’s just sitting in my shower all wet and available for germs to inhabit.

Ingredients: Soap Base, Fragrance, Gluceth Metil 20, Titanium Dioxide, Natural Goat Milk, Antioxidant

The ingredient Gluceth Metil 20 is a water-soluble emollient (traps moisture in) and humectant (draws water into the skin) that is frequently used in lotions and soaps. I would accredit the moisturizing effect of this goat’s milk soap to Gluceth Metil 20 – more so than the natural goat’s milk that is included.

Goat Milk is high in lactose sugar and fatty acids. The popular idea with goat’s milk in cosmetic products is that it contains lactic acid – an AHA that helps soften the skin by exfoliation and is good for dry skin. However, there’s no solid research that there is a significant amount of lactose readily available to ferment into lactic acid in goat’s milk. I personally wouldn’t reach for goat’s milk as a primary source for treating dry skin.

Overall, I’m super into this soap – it’s gentle, clean and the non-sticky feel is the best part of this product. I’d highly recommend if you can get your hands on any goat milk soap to give it a try!


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