Skin Forum’s Botanical Fuse Sheet Mask Review

Skin Forum Botanical Fuse sheet mask review - Cosmetic Composition

Happy Saturday everyone! Like most skincare junkies I love to spend my weekends masking. Whether that be a sheet mask, clay, peel-off, overnight, bubbling, etc. I love all masks as they make a great complimentary activity to Netflix-ing in bed. Back in January, I attended Skin Inc’s Face & Body Expo where I picked up a few sheet masks from the brand Skin Forum. I found this brand very intriguing since I had not seen them for sale in retail and yet they appeared to be a successful sheet mask brand. The Botanical Fuse and Oxygen Bubble masks stood out to me the most and at $3 a mask (that spa show discount was def worth it) I would have regretted not trying them out. So here’s my quick Saturday afternoon review of these sheet masks.

Botanic Fuse sheet masks - Cosmetic CompositionBotanical Fuse Sheet Mask: Lavender, Herb & Citrus

The holographic packaging sold me instantly, even if they weren’t great masks I knew they’d make a perfect Instagram (#content). Fortunately, the masks were high quality. The ingredients are fairly standard as far as Korean sheet masks go with the exception of the lavender, herb & citrus extracts included in the respected masks. The fiber blend contoured to my face perfectly with appropriately sized eye and mouth holes for my face shape. I wore each mask for ~15-20 minutes and was left with a ton of essence and glowy skin without any sticky product. My favorite part of each mask would be the skin tightening and cooling feel- I’m not sure if this is triggered by a certain ingredient but I really enjoyed it.

Oxygen Bubble Deep Cleanse Mask Oxgen Bubble Mask - Cosmetic Composition

I’ve used and written about a popular Korean bubbling oxygen mask previously and the idea of having a bubbling mask without any of the clean up was highly appealing. User tip: the mask instructions do say to rinse the serum off your skin after using the mask so this can somewhat act as another form of cleansing in your routine. The black sheet mask is full of the same standard ingredients and extracts as the Botanic Fuse masks with the exception of the bubbling mechanism that takes place. This bubbling mechanism is triggered by ingredients called perfluorocarbons (you can read about the full mechanism here) that cause the bubbles to form on the mask. The specific perfluorocarbon ingredients in this mask are methyl perfluorobutyl ether and methyl perfluoroisobutyl ether. While I was a tiny bit disappointed in the number of bubbles that formed on my mask it was a super fun mask to try nonetheless. Ultimately it had the same tightening and cooling effect as the Botanical Fuse masks with the addition of the tingly bubbles.

Morning Masking - Cosmetic Composition

I would 100% purchase these masks again for my weekend relaxation. I just wish they were available for retail purchase so I could stock up quickly again. Hope you all enjoyed my short product review! I’m going to attempt to do more weekend reviews when I have the time in order to get more posts out into the world!


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