Tips for the Contact-Wearing Beauty Geek

Contact Tips for the Beauty Geek - Cosmetic Composition

I’ve been wearing contacts for almost 13 years now, so I’ve picked up a few tips & tricks for being a beauty fanatic and keeping my eyesight healthy.

Glasses in the Lab - Cosmetic Composition

Contacts are flexible plastic lenses that lay on top of the eyeball and still allow for oxygen flow to the cornea. Blocking this oxygen flow can create pain for the wearer and lots of eye irritation. This oxygen flow applies to both soft lenses and rigid gas permeable lenses (a.k.a hard contacts), so keeping the lens clear of any products is the key to mixing beauty and eye health.

  • Be mindful of wearing lenses when cleansing your skin, if cleanser gets into your eye it could be pretty painful and irritate the contact so removing them before this skincare step can prevent a lot of pain
  • I always take contacts out when I do clay masks. Reason being that when it comes time to wash off I inevitably get the clay particles in my eyes and instantly causes my contacts to feel dry and stick to my eyeball
  • A good sign that your mascara is drying out is when your contact is endlessly annoying you all day and you see little flakes on the lens at the end of the day – yeah time for a fresh mascara
  • Wash your hands before washing your face AND taking out your contacts. I made the terrible terrible mistake of applying a retinol serum to my skin and then removing my contacts without washing in between. You can feel the pain right?
  • Don’t tightline or use eyeliner on your waterline – I know it looks super natural and is very trendy makeup right now, but if that eyeliner touches your contact it has the potential to ruin it and will most likely hurt like hell
  • If you’re getting a facial I’d recommend wearing your glasses or at least bring your contact case and solution. Some electrical facial treatments (namely Galvanic Current) is not safe for a client wearing contacts so they must be removed before the service is performed
  • Change your contacts!! So many friends of mine will go months without changing their lens and end up with irritated and red eyes not realizing what’s wrong. Just listen to your eye doctor and follow the contact box instructions
  • If you want to rock a new eye color for an event or just because, get the colored contacts from a legit source. Don’t order on Amazon and expect them to be safe. Most eye doctors or clinics can help you find a good brand or will carry colored contacts in-house for consumer use
  • Lastly, I know everyone reading this isn’t in the science field but please wear safety glasses/goggles when necessary. You never know when an ingredient could cause damage to your eye and it’s especially scary when you could have an incident that causes the lens to stick to your eye and restrict that oxygen flow. So please be safe 🙂


So there you have it, 12 years of knowledge in 9 bullet points! Anything I missed? I’d really love to know below or on my Instagram post! (@cosmetic_composition)

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