my favorite hair mask


The idea for this post came from where all great ideas are born – in the shower. This morning my hair was a greasy-frizzy mess so a washing was in order. I started with my Suave Clarifying Shampoo and then reached for my L’Oreal Total Repair Hair Mask and left the shower with soft and smooth locks. Since I’ve been using this hair mask for the past five weeks I thought it was time to finally share my review.

As I said in my New Years Resolution Post one of my beauty resolutions is to take better care of my hair. I’ve recently switched up my routine and I’m loving the results so far (more on that later). This L’Oreal hair mask was a key factor in my new routine. I love the packaging and that they offer a variety of masks based on your hair type and state how frequently to use it right on the jar.

how does a hair mask work?

IMG_3191Hair masks are essentially a deep conditioner and very similar to an everyday conditioner. To recap my older conditioner composition post when hair gets washed shampoo strips the natural oils that are present, which is what causes the hair to look frizzy. The primary component of hair is keratin, which is negatively charged, so after shampooing, we must use a positively charged conditioner (they all are positive) to help neutralize our hair and keep the frizzy-ness down. Hair masks contain similar, if not the same, ingredient as conditioners but lays on the hair for longer. To compare, check out the ingredients for the complimentary conditioner in the line here.

So ideally couldn’t one simply skip the hair mask and use a regular conditioner and leave it on for longer? I would say yes. However, it’s the idea behind a hair mask that gets me to buy one. Using a hair mask forces me to put a little extra TLC into my tresses weekly. I also use the extra time as an opportunity to exfoliate my body, shave my legs and use which ever face mask I fancy at the moment. I would like to point out that not using a hair mask works well for my hair type – depending on your hair type and/or if you dye your locks you may want to consider a hair mask to keep it extra conditioned.

my review 

One of my main hair concerns is the frizziness. I, like every other middle school girl, spent every morning frying my hair trying to make it as chic as Sharpay Evans’ hair in HSM. giphy

So as a 20something year old I am now starting to see how much that affected my current hair situation. I now have to use a decent amount of frizz fighting and conditioning products to keep my hair in good shape. However, this L’Oreal repairing hair mask has helped a ton! The sweet and subtle almond scent is just the cherry on top of the soft, smooth and shiny locks I get after my shower. I’d recommend using a scoop (about 1-2 tbsp) of the product and running it evenly throughout the hair from the tops of your ears to the very bottom. Overall, I love this mask. I definitely notice a difference after using it compared to when I only use conditioner (but that could be from the extended length of time). For $7 this hair mask is a steal and could be the product that helps you put more effort into caring for your tresses.

What is your favorite hair mask? I’d love to hear in the comments below! 

This post is not sponsored, all opinions are my own.


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