Sunscreen Round-up


Summer Sunscreen links - Cosmetic Composition

I used this photo because you can see the beginning of a sunburn from my recent Hawaii trip


I’m guessing nearly everyone reading this got somewhat sunburnt this past weekend, I know I did (twice). As always, summertime becomes a huge advocacy season for sunscreen even thought we should all being wearing it all year round. However, because of the elevated sunshine and time spent outside, it’s extra important that you apply and reapply sunscreen these months. Last summer I wrote about the chemistry of sunscreen (good read now before your next weekend in the sun), so this summer I thought I’d share some of the best #links about sunscreen.

How to Protect Yourself from Skin Cancer – Miami Herald

The Best 2017 Summer Sunscreens – Allure

Sunscreens that don’t suck – Cosmopolitan

The Best Zinc-Packed Sunscreens – Beautyeditor

EWG 2017 Sunscreen Picks – Happi (EWG = Environmental Working Group, the cosmetic industry’s frienemy)

Protecting your Hair from Sun Damage – HairWonderfulDay

Is Sunscreen Bad for You? – New Beauty (this article has been circulating on social media lately and I definitely think it’s an important read for everyone)

I hope these links help you understand a bit more about the importance of sunscreen so that you can practice good usage this summer and all year round! I’m working on another post regarding a certain type of sunscreen so keep an eye out for that here soon 😉

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