Beauty Travels: HAWAII

Sunrise in Hawaii - Cosmetic Composition


I recently returned from a family vacation to Hawaii super relaxed and excited to share all the beauty I discovered there. Aside from being an absolutely beautiful collection of islands (I went to Kauai and Oahu), Hawaiian locals have a great selection of beauty products that I was lucky enough to explore.

Being an extremely hot and humid environment Hawaii is a bit different from the constantly changing weather here in Illinois. I had to do few adjustments for my beauty routine, as well as be a bit more adamant about my sunscreen usage. Below I’m going to share my plane habits (I’ve taken 6 flights in the past week), what 3.4oz and under products I carried on, which products I kept in my daily travel bag, and all the local beauty products/services I found.

Plane Habits

As much as I wish I had the confidence to do so, I’m not one of those beauty people who can rock a sheet mask on an airplane. The idea of using a sheet mask to keep skin moisturized during longs flights is something I completely support, but I couldn’t bare to get mocked by my siblings or the kids sitting in the rows across from me. Instead, my go-to is applying a good amount of moisturizer (SPF moisturizer if daytime) to my face right before the flight takes off. Along with this I slather my hands in a ton of lotion and cuticle cream and put a heavy coating of lip balm on before take off. If you’ve ever been on an airplane you know how stale the plane air gets, which can make your skin feel dry and gross. Reapplying lotions is the best way to keep your skin refreshed, especially during long flights. Another golden beauty rule for flying is to drink an entire water bottle before, during, and after your flight. Not only is this a great way to get your daily water allotment in, but it keeps you very hydrated. Another big beauty blunder that happens during travel is associated with all the salty snacks and soda being served. The salty snacks can cause your face to get a little puffy, so I try to avoid the pretzels and peanuts served (try being the key word here) and bring along granola bars to snack on instead.

TSA Compliant Products

TSA beauty products - Cosmetic Composition

Daily Travel Bag Accessories

Day Traveling Bag - Cosmetic Composition

Before I left I picked up one of those ~trendy~ little backpacks from Target, which became my daily walk-around bag. I put everything in there from my wallet to my polaroid, to all my necessary beauty products. My list of daily walk-around beauty products included:

  • 50 SPF sunscreen
  • lip balm
  • lip balm with sunscreen
  • extra ponytail
  • hand lotion (which was melted the majority of the trip)
  • Sunscreen mist (Supergoop! is my favorite)
  • Sunglasses (fun fact: wearing sunglasses outside can help prevent wrinkles from prematurely forming around your eyes)
  • Hand wipes (because I’m a germaphobe and hand sanitizer always leaks in my bag)

Hawaiian Beauty & Recommendations

When I searched all the gift shops and tourists spots in Hawaii the majority of the locally created products were basic skin care such as soap, sunscreen, hand lotion, lip balm, and perfume. I was initially surprised at the lack of color cosmetics present in stores but later discovered that many locals did not wear much color on a daily basis. So, I opted to buy a great smelling hand lotion, a decorative soap (I shared some of the fun labels on my Instagram!), a fruity lip balm, and a perfume roller. My overall recommendation for looking for beauty products in Hawaii is to look for products that contain ingredients and scents unique to the islands. The lip balm is definitely my favorite buy and I’m regretting not buying more! I’d also recommend asking the store workers which scents are unique to the area and even what some of the plant sources are. There were many scents, fruits and flowers I was not familiar with, yet there were all over the island.

Hawaii Finds - Cosmetic Composition

Treating Myself

As a graduation present, I treated myself to a facial at the Anara Spa (at the Grand Hyatt in Kauai). It was my first facial ever and I was completely obsessed with the process and results. The facial I received was the “Restorative Facial” where my face was literally drenched in vitamin C. After talking with the spa therapist, we decided this was definitely the right facial for me since the vitamin C would be a good way to replenish my skin after a week in the sunshine. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps the skin by appearing brighter, helping with collagen production, as well as hydrating and calming skin. During the appointment, I used entirely Natura Blisse products, aside from a housemade lip balm. The other products (in order of use) included:

Skeptically, I can look at this list and see that these are all fairly basic products that I could purchase myself and do the routine whenever I wanted. However, it was the experience, the aromatherapy, the location and the sheer act of having someone else do a luxury skin care routine for me that made the facial completely worth it (plus I cannot afford these products with my post-grad budget). While definitely pricey, I’d highly recommend getting a facial if you have not yet. My skin hasn’t felt this soft in forever and I still have a nice glow. I’d highly recommend treating yourself to one if you have the means to do so.

For those of you who survived my entire post, thanks for reading. I really hope that everyone has the chance to visit Hawaii or another tropical location to explore all the local beauty! Beauty aside, I’d highly recommend Pog juice, passion fruit margaritas and lots of fish tacos if you ever get a chance to visit. Mahalo!

Sunset in Hawaii - Cosmetic Composition


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