The Current State of Animal Testing in Cosmetics

The Current State of Animal Testing in Cosmetics - Cosmetic Composition

Animal testing for cosmetics – despite what happened in Legally Blonde 2, it still happens and is something that every beauty industry person must be knowledgeable about. Being a scientist who is aspiring to work in the cosmetics industry I realize that this area has a lot of misconceptions. While the environment of animal testing was drastically different 20+ years ago, the testing is going way down and consumers are becoming highly aware of what is exactly in their products. I am not here to preach my opinion on this subject, I simply want to provide links for my readers to increase their knowledge about this topic. Below I’ve included links to websites in 3 different sections: informational, opinion/news, and advocacy

It is my opinion that all of these links come from legitimate sources with knowledgeable authors who have experience in science or the beauty science industry. In efforts to keep my readers educated and aware of what is happening, I plan on keeping this page updated as frequently as I can with industry news and information pieces. I will post when updates occur. Please read through these websites and stay as informed as you can! 


FDA – Why are Animals used for Testing Medical Products?

Cosmetic Info – Animal Testing (my favorite information article!)

Chemists Corner – Animal Testing in the Cosmetic Industry

Soko Glam – Everything You Need to Know about Cruelty-Free Korean Beauty Products 

Delphic HSE – What is Animal Testing: A Guide to UK Animal Testing Regulations

The Klog – What South Korean Committing to 100% Cruelty-Free by 2018 Means for K-Beauty 


PR Newswire – Cruelty-Free International Calls on United Nations for a Global Ban on Animal Testing for Cosmetics (February 2017)

Chemists Corner – Misconceptions about Cosmetic Animal Testing

Chemists Corner – Is Artifical Skin the Answer to Animal Testing? 

Chemists Corner – Animal Testing Bites Cosmetic Companies Again

Chemists Corner – More Progress to Replace Cosmetic Animal Testing

Teen Vogue – Nars Responses to Customers Against Animal Testing (June 2017)

Global Cosmetic Industry – Australia to Ban Animal Testing (June 2017)

Allure – Why Beauty Brands Still Test Their Products on Animals (November 2017)

Global Cosmetic Industry – Animal Testing Alternatives Reach China (November 2017)

Global Cosmetic Industry California and Canada Move to End Animal Testing for Cosmetics (June 2018)

Global Cosmetic Industry – California Passed Bill Banning Animal Testing (October 2018)


Cruelty-Free International 

Leaping Bunny

Cruelty-Free Kitty 















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