A #beautyscience New Year

Welcome back everyone!! I’m feeling very refreshed and energized after my month-ish off from Cosmetic Composition. My time was spent focusing on final exams and visiting with family over the holidays. I used my time to edit the site’s appearance, take online classes (s/o to Brit + Co!), and brainstorm how to make this whole experience better for everyone! Taking a month off was definitely the right choice for me, it allowed me to evaluate where I wanted to take this blog, and gave me time to bring my school grades up a ton. I have some great posts coming to you all in the next few weeks so stay tuned! In my meantime, I’ll be keeping my social media accounts updated and (hopefully) entertaining.


Seeing as it is now 2017, I feel it is only appropriate for me to copy every other blogger and share my resolutions for this year!

  1. learn to take care of my hair and find products that work for it: I recently got bangs, so this has been a huge priority in my mind
  2. read up on skin and hair biology: being a chemistry major I get decent exposure to biology topics, just not as many as I’d like to
  3. find my perfect vitamin cocktail: beauty supplements are a predicted trend for 2017 and I’m very interested to see where the industry will take this
  4. stop picking my cuticles: pretty sure this has been my resolution every year since I can remember (I just want pretty nails 😦 )

Before I wrap this post up I wanted to point out a feature that I feel I never made clear previously. I want to reemphasize that my inbox is always open! If you have a question about which product is better, what an ingredient actually is, general beauty question, etc. I’d love to give any help I can! I’ll do my best at answering any questions you may have. So email me at chemofcosmetics@gmail.com for any beauty, science, and/or #beautyscience inquiries you may have.

Do you have any beauty resolutions for the new year? I’d love to hear them below! 


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