links thirty three: mega edition

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You may have noticed that I only had one post this week (roomie review!) which is because I had a (terrible) physical chemistry exam this morning so all my attention has been focused on that this week. Naturally, since I had an exam I was busy looking at random unrelated articles on the internet, so I came up with a pretty hefty #links post this week. Hope you enjoy!

(1) 29 Inspiring Women Who Changed the Beauty Industry – I follow nearly all of these women on Instagram and I’m so obsessed

(2) My Face Journal Skincare Tracker Review – the cutest little skin care journal that I must try out

(3) Cosmetics Industry Reacts to Trump US Election win – A great look at how Trump’s planned actions may affect the cosmetics industry in the US and internationally

(4) A New Sunscreen Study Finds That It Can Reverse Signs of Aging – um duh?

(5) This Dr. Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine Hydrating Modeling Mask Saved My Post-Election Skin – a cool blue rubbery face mask that is def Instagram-able

(6) Pollution, cashless payments and social media set to dominate beauty in 2017Pollution, cashless payments and social media set to dominate beauty in 2017 – a prediction of the beauty year to come

(7) What Election 2016 means that for the chemistry enterprise – the new election could mean a lot for the science world

(8) How do color changing cosmetics work? – a technical look at how we get all those pretty colors

(9) Trend Spotting: 2016 Cosmetics and Personal Care Ingredient and Market Highlights – the title says it all

(10) Why You Might Actually Want to Buy This “As Seen on TV” Drain Hair Catcher – everyone with hair, including myself, need this device

(11) Exclusive: Beauty 360 Is Launching a Line of Face Masks at CVS – the world is always better with more face masks

Happy reading and happy weekend! 




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