links thirty one

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(1) It’s National Chemistry Week!! The American Chemical Society hosts events all over the country this week, as well as, shares a ton of fun information for chemists/people of all ages, check out this year’s theme!

(2) As winter slowly approaches you may notice your hair becoming more brittle and dry 😦 Check out the Klog’s tips for keeping your hair damage at a minimum!

(3) Any contact wearer knows how important it is to take care of those flexible lenses, especially during your skin care and makeup routines. Here are 9 things you need to know if you’re a contact wearer (a few of the things surprised me, an 11-year contact user).

(4) If you haven’t realized by now I’m fairly obsessed with face masks, so I was shocked when I saw this FutureDerm article about splash masks. I had never heard of these revolutionary masks until now, and I must try one ASAP!

(5) Naturally, Into the Gloss can curate the chicest nail polish colors to wear this fall. I’m making it a goal to try each and every one of these colors.

(6) The only thing that a skin care fanatic can love more than toner, are toner hacks. Byrdie put together 7 toner hacks everyone needs to know/use right now.

Have any blog topic recommendations for me? I’ve been stuck in an inspiration rut, I’d love to hear any ideas you have! Happy reading and happy weekend!

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