links thirty

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(1) Chief scientist of the Personal Care Products Council Beth Jonas delivered testimony in front of the US Senate about the industry’s hard-working ethic, and you can read the details here.

(2) This week I tested a sample of Aromatica’s Natural Tinted Sunscreen and experienced both love and sadness. It was the most perfect tinted moisturizer I’ve ever tried, perfectly matching my skin, providing UV protection and giving me the perfect glow. The sadness came when I discovered that my go-to Korean skin care website was sold out of the product 😦

(3) Lab Muffin has a way of making complicated topic very simple with her writing. Her recent post on how SPF changes with how much sunscreen you use was beautifully written.

This week’s link post is very short, mainly because I’m exhausted and need to finish surviving the week. You can follow me on twitter (@cosmeticcomp) for more #links, I retweet articles allll day long, you can find me here!

Happy weekend! 


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