nail tool kit

I’ve always been a huge fan of doing my nails, I find it to be extremely stress relieving and a good creative outlet. Over the years I have collected quite a bit of stuff and thought I’d share what I keep in my nail tool kit!

Processed with Snapseed.

Processed with Snapseed.

  • two nail files – I can’t be the only one who uses a different nail file depending on their mood right?
  • many many many orange sticks because I’m terrible at keeping polish on my nails
  • two buffers – one is finer than the other, I don’t really have a preference and I’m not quite sure why I even have two, to be honest
  • a brush set for all the pretty Pinterest designs I attempt and immediately fail at
  • a dotting set for the more practical and actually successful nail art I attempt
  • black & gold polish markers for delicate details
  • a Ciate sequin nail set which includes the sequins, a small brush, and a base polish. I’ve only used this set for NYE and it’s always a glittery disaster
  • metal tweezers – mainly used to set nail art additions like glitter, foil, etc.
  • 3 cuticle sticks, cuticle pushers? Not quite sure about the name but the plastic one sits at my desks so I can obsessively monitor my cuticles
  • nail shiner & buffer – different from the buffers I have in the bottom of the picture, is used as a quick touch up for my (nearly non-existant) polish free days
  • nail clippers – the most necessary item
  • two mini jars of gold and rose gold foil 
  • page protectors – super useful for making nail designs if you’re creative
  • like 10 sheets of Jamberry stick on nail designs for when I’m feeling lazy and/or great for traveling
  • three mini bottles of various glitters because that might be the most important part of nail art
  • Gel Cuticle Remover from Sally Hansen – great stuff, cheap and has lasted me forever! Highly recommend if you’re always picking your cuticles like me

I hope you enjoyed this look into my nail tool kit! What items do you have in yours? Any suggestions for items to add to mine? I’d love to hear any comments or questions below!


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