links twenty nine

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(1) Sheet masks, lip masks, hand masks, feet masks, hair mask, nail masks, and now vagina masks? (jk it’s just a regular sheet mask – but still!)

(2) Light therapy is a common but highly expensive and spa only treatment – until now! Neutrogena launched a light therapy acne mask and I need try it out asap.

(3) A great article from Future Derm about parabens, and why you don’t need to be afraid of them.

(4) Pinterest may be full of “busted beauty myths” but have you heard busted skin care myths from an actual cosmetic chemist? An interview with chemist Kelly Dobos about skin care myths you don’t need to believe.

(5) La Mer is a luxurious and chic cosmetic brand, and so are their formulation labs.

(6) You know UVA vs. UVB and what broad spectrum means from my last sunscreen post. But do you understand PPD, PA+, and UVAPF? I didn’t either until I read this article from the Klog.

happy reading and happy weekend!!

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