roomie review: September ’16 Allure beauty box

Processed with Snapseed.

Processed with Snapseed.

Andddd we’re back with our next #roomiereview! For this month, we will again be reviewing the Allure Beauty Box. Hope you enjoy!

Pur-Lisse Blue Lotus 4-in-1 Cleansing Milk

Paige: This brand is slowly becoming a favorite of mine. The only time I wasn’t absolutely in love with this cleanser was during a particularly bad breakout. Otherwise, the milky texture, light scent, and strong cleansing ability have me smitten. If only I could afford this cleanser…

Mary Grace: I loooooove this cleanser! It’s so light and nourishing but it removes every trace of makeup, all of my eyeliner and mascara comes off with ease. I will really miss this when it is gone. When I have more money to spend on things I think this will be my go-to cleanser.

Supergoop Shine On lip screen SPF 50  

Paige: As a strong advocate for sunscreen I’m super (ha, get it?) disappointed in myself for not trying this sun protection lip product out yet. As soon as I do try it I promise to post a review on my Instagram(@cosmetic_composition)!

Mary Grace: This stuff was very interesting. It felt like vaseline when it went on but knowing that it was so good at protecting my skin made me feel good. I put it on top of lipstick and it made it kind of glossy but it was worth it for the protection. Although it did leave a nice natural color when I wore it on its own.

Eau Thermale Avene Physiolift Eyes

Paige: I am very much so obsessed with the eye serum from the last Allure beauty box, so I was skeptical of switching to a new product. The serum is much thicker than I was expecting and has a yellow color and virtually no scent which is always a plus. Overall the texture is smooth and has a slight tightening effect on my skin. However, the only thing that I don’t really enjoy is that the product itself is quite thick so I feel like I am tugging on my skin to have a smooth application which is somewhat against the point of using eye cream. Hopefully, time will give me a better idea of how effective this product is for treating dark circles.

Mary Grace: I have dark circles and whenever I use the hydration gel eye masks I notice very good short term results. I have only gotten a few times use out of the Physiolift Eyes and haven’t noticed anything major yet, but if I keep at it I think at this rate it would have pretty good long term results. We shall see!


Paige: Mascara is definitely one of my favorite makeup products to test. Mary Grace and I could write multiple books about our opinions on mascaras and that still would not be the best. As far as the grandemascara goes, I have yet to use it alone. Typically I’ve been using this mascara as a “top coat” for what I already have on. For someone wish blonde lashes, I need a highly pigmented mascara that can put a pretty decent amount of product on my eyes. I love the formula for this mascara but the brush that came with this sample isn’t the easiest for me to use. Definitely would like to check out some of their other mascaras.

Mary Grace: Ok, my favorite part of any makeup routine or box is anything that goes on the eyes, namely mascara. I really thought this mascara was a good addition to this bag, never had I had a mascara that was so volumizing and stayed on so well. Wearing this mascara I never flaked or smudged throughout the day, and it gets very hot and humid in central Illinois, even during this time of year.

I also am very fond of mascara cocktailing (no one has to know how many different kinds of mascara I’m wearing). So I think this is a very good base coat you can treat as a primer and then pair it with something lengthening for a more dramatic look. I love making my lashes as dramatic as possible, so this is how I usually wear it.
Below I have included pictures of myself with a before, 1-coat, and 2-coat application. And I apologize for the state of my brows right now, believe me I know.

Orly Breathable treatment + nail color

Paige: I received a nude polish color, which is absolutely perfect in September as an end of the summer color. I’ve never tried an Orly polish before but I was happy with the polish. While I do wish the nude color was more pigmented, the brush was perfect for a smooth application and the polish lasted for about a week without chipped, which is ideal in my book. Would strongly consider purchasing another polish from this brand.

Mary Grace: This nail polish is absolutely incredible. It went on so extremely smoothly and dried quickly as well. Not only that, but I used one coat and it was incredibly pigmented and that was really all I needed. It barely chipped when I wore it with a topcoat, and with the amount I use my hands day to day (and using acetone in lab) that is actually pretty incredible. This nail polish gets an A+, I loved it!

Bulgari Omnia Coral (perfume)

Paige: I’ve been searching for a signature scent for a while, and this is a definite option. I only wear this perfume when I got out for nicer events, but it’s been a great option no matter where I’m going. This perfume has a nice light scent, but I can smell it on myself which I enjoy a lot. However, I did notice that I cannot notice the smell about an hour after the application.

Mary Grace: This perfume had a nice, light floral scent, and it came in a really cool bottle. I am not really a perfume wearer so I did not get much use out of this, although if I was, I would recommend using this.

img_0383Hope you enjoyed this month’s #roomiereview! Don’t forget to follow my roommate Mary Grace on her Insta @mghaugen (I have that memorized from tagging her in so many memes).

Thanks for reading! Have you tried any of the above products or subscribe to the Allure beauty box? I’d love to hear your perspective! 

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