links twenty eight

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Here are some #links to kick off the of the end of this week, and the last day of September! (Honestly, where did the time go?)

(1) An extremely good insight into the EWG’s effect on the cosmetics industry, as well as a lesson in fear-mongering.

(2) You’ve heard of magnetic nail polish, magnet face masks, but what about magnetic eyeshadow? That’s right, an eyeshadow that will never fall off.

(3) The Skin Cancer Foundation released their official position on the use of UV lamps in nail salons and their advice for using them is pretty solid if you ask me.

(4) Charlotte Cho of Soko Glam and the Little Book of Skin Care recently developed a green tea pore care sheet mask with Manefit. And I need to try it asap!

(5) Mascara will never go out of style, but apparently, it can come back in style at the same time. Cake mascara has been making a recent comeback, making me want to brush up on my cosmetic history.

Happy reading and happy weekend!!





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