building your skin care routine: intermediate

It’s a been a few months since I posted my first building your skin care routine: basic, so I figured it was about time I did a follow up to this series! It has mainly taken me this long because I feel like no skin care routine is the same, so treating a routine as intermediate can be tricky when looking at which products to include. Since this is second in the series I will only be providing the descriptions behind any new products that I include, descriptions for all the other products can be seen in my first post here.

products – morning


1. Double cleansing – I recently did a post on the power and science behind double cleansing, which you can check out here!

2. Toner – One of the most underrated skin care products that everyone should be using! See my review for the Pixi Glow Tonic toner from a few months back.

3. Essence – the trendy new Korean skin care product to blow up the market space. As you can see in my composition post here, essence is a highly concentrated pre-serum that can make a crazy good different for your skin.

4. Serum – A product that I haven’t written much about on here, serums can make a huge difference with your skin. The great thing about serums, aside from their effectiveness, is that there are currently so many different kinds out on the market right now that you can find one to treat pretty much any skin concern you have. I’m actually on the look for a new serum, so if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear below!

5. Moisturizer with sunscreen – I’m not even going to explain the importance of a daily SPF moisturizer here, just wear it.

6. Eye treatment –  I wrote about eye treatments a while ago, as one of my first posts, but now would be a great time for a refresher. Eye treatments come in a variety of forms and can treat a variety of concerns. For example, if you suffer from puffy eyes genetically, or didn’t get much sleep last night, using an eye treatment in the morning would be effective at diminishing the appearance of them. Eye treatments are also available that help with wrinkles, dark circle, pigmentation, etc. just need to do some searching to find the right fit for you.

7. Spot treatment – For those of us unfortunate enough to suffer from acne, spot treatments can be a game changer. Spot treatments are designed to help treat the presence of acne on our skin, and a variety of ingredients can be used in their formulas. Salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, and tea tree oil, are the most popular and most effective acne treatments out there.

products – evening


1. Double cleansing

2. Toner

3. Essence

4. Serum – Remember that if you are using a vitamin C and retinol combination to use the serums at different times of the day. Vitamin C and retinol essentially cancel each other out, making them useless together. Vitamin C serums are recommended for the daytime and retinol for the evening.

5. Moisturizer – Using a moisturizer with SPF protection at night is not necessary, but if you don’t want to spend the extra money for two different moisturizers, using one with sunscreen at night will not be harmful.

6. Eye treatment 

7. Spot treatment 

8. Face masks – the most fun part of any skin care routine is the masking! I absolutely love face masks, especially sheet masks, they’re relaxing, highly effective and all around just feel good. Face masks come in a variety of forms (sheet, clay, gel, peel-off) and can help with basically any skin concern you may have (acne, dullness, aging, hyperpigmentation, dryness). I typically use sheet masks twice a week and throw in a clay mask once if it’s been an extra rough week for my skin.

So there you have it. My take on an intermediate-level skin care routine. Personally, this is the routine that I follow most religiously. I’ll do a basic skin care routine for travel or camping, and an advanced skin care routine in the summer or whenever I have free time.

Any comments or questions? I’d love to hear below!



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