spa review: coconut oil hair mask


coconut oil hair mask review - Cosmetic Composition.png

disclaimer: I am wearing a towel in this picture it’s just not visible!

As part of my latest spa review, I’m reviewing the coconut oil hair mask that has taken over the beauty section of Pinterest. I recently ran out of the hair mask that I’ve been using for years (Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser Reconstructing Butter) and decided to give this do-all product a try.


After a few quick searches on Pinterest, I decided that standard grocery store coconut oil would work fine for my hair experiment (also it was the only coconut oil that is currently in my budget). Before I jumped in the shower, I took a few scoops of coconut oil and coated my hair (the bottom 2/3rds) with it, basically until it looked wet. After waiting for about 15 minutes I got in the shower and shampooed it all out, or at least that’s what I thought. The next morning I learned that I definitely did not get all the coconut oil out of my hair, and I walked around with greasy tresses all day long. The next night I used 2 or 3 times the normal amount of shampoo as I normally do and got all the oil out finally! Also as a side note, since I was following the condition first, shampoo second method, I did use a tiny amount of conditioner on my hair after shampooing.

coconut oil composition

Coconut oil is unique in many ways, which just makes it even more amazing. It is solid at room temperature and liquid at a heated temperature, rubbing your hands together is enough heat to change the phase of this compound. Coconut oil is composed of short fatty acids including lauric acid at 50% composition. Since the fatty acids in this oil are shorter than many other hair oil treatments such as argan, sunflower, and olive oil, this allows coconut oil to penetrate the hair shaft (which opens when wet) more easily.

overall review

While I have only tried this hair mask once, I 100% felt a difference with my hair after I finally got all the coconut oil out. My hair has been so soft and moisturized all week long and I plan on repeating the treatment again this week. As far as convenience goes, this is definitely a perfect DIY hair treatment for anyone looking for a once a week mask that hydrates and softens the hair, and doesn’t cost much at all!

Have you ever tried this hair mask? What did you think? Do you have another masks you enjoy? I’d love to hear any comments or questions below!

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