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A new week calls for a new segment. I love reviewing products on the blog but I can imagine that just reading about my opinions can get a bit boring. So I came up with the concept of roomie reviews this weekend! One of my roommates is as beauty obsessed as I am, and we both receive the Allure beauty box ($15/month). So I’ve decided to give a duel review, from us both, on the products that we received in the August beauty box. Hope you enjoy reading!



Freeze 24-7 anti-aging eye serum

Paige: Definitely one of the best eye treatments I’ve used so far. Great texture and feel (contains glycerin and panthenol), and I already feel like I’ve seen an improvement in the area. Though I’m only 21, using an anti-aging eye treatment now can have great results later.

Mary Grace: I have started incorporating the eye serum into my nightly routine. I have never used eye serum before, but I think that it feels really good when I put it on. It really locks in moisture and I’m always afraid that rubbing my eye makeup off with a cotton ball is stretching all the skin down there. I think after trying this product I will start using it even when the tube is done, although it is kind of expensive so being a broke college student I will try and find a dupe for this (any help would be appreciated!).

Pur-Lisse Blue Lotus balancing moisturizer

Paige: Absolutely obsessed. My skin feels insanely soft every time I used this moisturizer. I’ve only been using the smallest droplet on my fingers and spreading around, but it’s doing the job super well. Could not recommend this product more, just wish the price tag ($55) was a bit smaller.

Mary Grace: I love this brand and this moisturizer. It is so light and hydrates my skin, but I have combination skin so sometimes moisturizers make my skin greasy. However, this one just keeps me feeling fresh and my skin smooth. I apply it after cleansing my face and in the morning before putting on makeup. A+ product.

Supergoop Defense Refresh setting mist SPF 50

Paige: I was most excited about receiving this product in the box this month. I’m known to be a bit obsessive with my sunscreen application and love the idea of having a product that contains SPF which I can continually apply throughout the day. Aside from the smell (not terrible but a bit much in my opinion), the feel of the product is great and using it throughout the day has kept my face from being burnt. However, it’s important to realize that this is meant as a touch up and not your sunscreen application for the day. Additionally, because it is in spray form it’s hard to get complete coverage on your face.

Mary Grace: I was not expecting this but this product kind of stung me; it has a very intense scent and it felt like I was putting spray on sunscreen from a setting bottle. That being said, it did leave my makeup intact and the SPF included was much more substantial than ordinary makeup for the most part, so I will consider buying this in the future as well, especially for spring/summer/fall where I will be outside more often than not.

Pixi Glow Tonic

Paige: You can read my glowing review on this toner from my previous post here!

Cargo Swimmable eye pencil in Pebble Beach

Mary Grace: This product was highly pigmented although it did not stick very well. I personally prefer my eyeliner to be more dark, polished and last for more than a few hours. But when I’m going for more of a natural look, this would be the product.

Wet Brush (midi brush)

Paige: A brush that’s designed to not cause damage when brushing while wet sounds like an absolutely great product. However, I don’t brush my hair when it’s wet, even receiving this brush has not inclined me to do so. I do use the brush on my hair when it’s dry and it works great. Can’t say much about its non-breaking abilities for wet hair.

Mary Grace: So I am very bad and have always used a regular brush after I take a shower instead of a comb (my hair is super coarse and thick and I always treat it to healing oil immediately after, I am just impatient). Therefore I was very excited to get a hairbrush that is technically okay for using in the shower! I can tell it has more give to it to aid in keeping my hair healthy. If I am being honest I am more into makeup and skin care than my hair, despite being a hairdresser’s daughter, and I did not know this product existed, but I am very happy receiving one in my box and I will continue to invest in them.

Garnier Fructis Whole Blends Honey Treasurers shampoo & conditioner

Paige: Love the smell, love the texture and my hair’s been feeling great. The scent of honey is subtle enough to enjoy in the shower but doesn’t stay with you all day. The conditioner has been extremely helpful in treating sun damage my tresses received this summer. I’m in need of new shampoo and conditioner shortly and I have a feeling the full-size bottles are going to make their way into my shower.

Mary Grace: This hair shampoo and conditioner duo smelled fantastic and made my hair very soft! I did not do my research in what ingredients were included in them but as far as my consumer perspective goes, I would be happy to look more into this brand and feel like it is comparable to any salon products on the market.

img_0383We hope you enjoyed this duo review! We plan on continuing Allure beauty box reviews every month for the foreseeable future. In the meantime, you can follow my roomie, Mary Grace on her Instagram (@mghaugen)!

Thanks for reading! Have you tried any of the above products or subscribe to the Allure beauty box? I’d love to hear your perspective! 



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