links twenty five

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(1) Dry sheet masks? Yes, you heard right, these new innovative masks promise to offer the same benefits of traditional sheet masks.

(2) Camellia seed oil not only comes from a beautiful flower but it’s quickly becoming a favorite for many oil loving skin care users.

(3) Glossier is releasing a line of serums. I repeat, Glossier is releasing a line of serums. Mark your calendar’s for this Monday (the 12th) to get your hands on these new beauties.

(4) We’ve heard of dry shampoo, no-poo washing, co-washing, there are so many different ways to clean your hair. But have you ever tried oil washing? It seems to have promising results.

(5) Surprise, surprise, some beauty supplements are not effective/not worth taking! Check out a list here of some popular beauty supplements that you probably don’t need to be taking.

(6) If you’ve read my blog for more than a week you’re aware of my Korean skin care obsession. And after seeing these Asian mascaras I have a feeling I’ll soon be Kbeauty obsessed.

happy reading and happy weekend, we made it through a post-holiday week!!

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