the science of double cleansing

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Now I know what you’re thinking “I definitely do not have time to use two cleansers each time I wash my face, I barely have time to wash my face!“, maybe once you learn how powerful the duo of double cleaners can be you might just make the time. The act of double cleansing originated from the 10-Step Korean Skin Care Routine, eloquently stated by Charlotte Cho, but has become a new way of cleansing for skin care fanatics everywhere.

what is double cleansing?

Double cleansing is the act of using an oil-based cleanser, followed by a water-based cleanser (drying your face in between each wash) and finishing up your skin care routine. While not necessary to use both in the morning and at night, this routine can have definite benefits for your skin. I’ve been double cleansing since early this summer and have seen and felt definite results from doing so.

how does double cleansing work?

The science behind double cleansing is fairly simple. To understand how this works, we must visit a simple concept that is commonly used in chemistry. Like dissolves like. What I mean by this is that substances that are similar in composition to each other tend to behave the same way. For example, water is a polar (asymmetrical) compound, and when in contact with other polar compounds, water tends to have the ability to dissolve these compounds since “like dissolves like”. So how does this apply to double cleansing? Most makeup is oil-based, that along with the build up of sebum on our faces, creates an oily environment on top of our skin. Using an oil-based cleanser first helps clear off all the oil found on our skin. Using the water-based (such as a gel or foam) cleanser next will use the concept of micelles and detergents (soaps) to remove all the dirt and grime that’s left over. The combination of these two cleansers helps keep your skin clean without being overly harsh with one product.

when should I double cleanse?

Depending on your skin type double cleansing can be done twice a day. If you have sensitive or aging skin only double cleansing at night might help keep your skin from reacting too heavily to this process. However, doing this twice a day has no harm towards normal skin, and is especially helpful if you wear makeup daily. Personally, I use Palmer’s Skin Therapy Cleansing Oil and Alba’s Good & Clean Gentle Acne Wash. The combination has helped keep my skin clean, acne free (only one cleanser contains anti-ance ingredient), and hydrated.

Do you double cleanse? I’d love to hear about your cleanser combinations below!

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