links twenty four

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(1) In case you missed it yesterday, the FDA put a ban on 19 ingredients used in antibacterial soaps.

(2) Ever wonder if the environment you live in has any effect on your skin? RocC Skincare recently released a ranking of the most wrinkle-prone cities in the US.

(3) If you’re a fan of Korean sheet masks (like me!) you may want to read this story about the sanitation scandal taking place in the industry, warning it may be a gross read for some users.

(4) Fellow beauty science blogger, the Scientific Beauty gives a great perspective on the true meaning of organic cosmetics.

(5) “In 1975, a Cat-Co Authored a Physics Paper” – the title literally says all you need to know to want to read this link.

(6) If there are any other cosmetic history nerds out there I’d love to talk, in the meantime, I found this evolution of sunscreen history extremely interesting.

happy reading and happy Labor Day weekend! 


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