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{me in lab, being very scientific and labeling a vial}

Hi everyone! Today’s post is going to be a bit different, mainly because I started my senior year of college this week and I’ve been crazy busy, so I haven’t had time to do much writing or research. However, for quite a while I’ve been wanting to share with you all my definition/motivation behind determining the composition of cosmetics.

I initially became interested in cosmetics from a science perspective in a sophomore high school chemistry class which eventually evolved into my fascination with how these everyday products have very scientific processes with interesting and complex ingredients involved. Senior year of high school I wrote my senior paper on the toxicity of nail polish (the toxic trio) and included an in-depth look at the composition of nail polish. As my education and interest continued I stuck with the cosmetic chemistry theme throughout college, and currently, plan on pursuing a career in the field.

The main reason I started my blog was to share the research I was already doing for my personal enjoyment (I know, super nerdy of me) so that hopefully, people can learn more about what’s in their beauty products. While I’m no expert, I know how to find good research, decipher scientific terminology and concepts (and I’m finishing up my chemistry degree this school year). My goal with the composition posts (aloe vera, salt spray, dry shampoo, etc) is to share a quick preview of what chemicals and materials make up that product. I wanted to be able to show people that cosmetic products, while full of many ingredients, are pretty simple when you break them down.

So here’s my composition definition: Using scientifically backed information and research, I aim to break down the: ingredients, formulation, packaging, appearance, whatever it is that’s important, that makes a certain cosmetic or personal care product what it is. In my mind, knowing the composition, of pretty much anything, gives me the confidence to utilize it in my life properly.

So to have this “short-ish” post come to an end, I really hope all my readers enjoy learning all the beauty science information I’m putting out there and continue to follow me in my efforts to determine the composition of cosmetics.

Thank you! 


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