links twenty-two

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(1) Ever wonder why orange juice tastes so unattractive after you brush your teeth? The American Chemical Society has an answer for you.

(2) Well-known cosmetic chemist, Ni’Kita Wilson, created a website for those with Fitzpatrick skin types V-VI. However, it’s full of great information (for any skin type), including some skin care quizzes!

(3My twitter was exploding this week after company JooMoo claimed to have formulated “the first ever 100% truly natural face wash” and chemists are, of course, skeptical of this.

(4) Beauty supplements seem to be a lasting fad in the health and beauty world currently. Into The Gloss released a great list and breakdown of all the popular beauty supplements and what they claim to provide for users.

(5) An interesting article by the Klog explains why Korean sunscreens work better.

(6) I’ve been debating this purchase ever since I saw it on Instagram the other day. I cannot get Glossier’s back to reality set out of my head!

happy ready & happy weekend!



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