links twenty-one

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Hello everyone! It’s been a solid two weeks since I’ve posted anything, this radio silence was due to a suspected case of mono (doctors believe so at least). I had the joy of laying in bed for two weeks feverous and tired. Luckily I’m back! Just in time for the semester to start, and to finish off the summer with some great posts.

So while I was laying in bed watching old Disney movies and chugging water I managed to find a bunch of great links for this week’s post. Hope you enjoy!

(1) An article from Science Mag nailed this post on how to (seriously) read a scientific paper with great advice from a wide variety of scientists. I’m definitely applying these tips towards my cosmetics research.

(2) A mini, waterproof camera that detects and replays video of your sunscreen and UV protection? Sign me up!

(3) An interesting look into cosmetic chemists new approach at creating LED and natural light activated gel top coats for nail polishes, potentially replacing the controversial UV cured gel top coats.

(4) I’m apparently not alone when I toss my empty dry shampoo aerosol bottle in the trash instead of recycling. Packaging companies are encouraging the public to start recycling any aerosol bottles, an act that many were not aware is allowed.

(5) I may have already stocked up on my sunscreen for the summer, however, upon hearing about La Roche-Posay’s new (and free) UV patches with any purchase I nearly re-stocked up on sunscreen.

(6) Nail masks are real and I need one right now. According to an article from Allure, nail masks are great for hydrating and exfoliating the nail bed.

(7) If you read my post about probiotics in cosmetics, you’ll understand the controversy surrounding these products. An article from Cosmetics Design reports an apparent nod of approval from dermatologists regarding probiotic use in skin care.

happy reading & happy Friday! 


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