Fat Mascara

I’m currently working in a research lab this summer and the majority of the work I do is in a dark room by myself so I’ve taken up listening to podcasts to pass the time. The instant I heard the Broad City-esque intro music I knew I would be hooked. Fat Mascara has quickly gained lots of attention and a larger follower base since starting their beauty industry focused podcast in February of this year. Beauty editors at Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire magazines, Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Goldstein host an extremely entertaining podcast about their experiences in the beauty world, products they love and interview a beauty industry legend every week.

fat mascara review - Cosmetic Composition

image from Fat Mascara website

Personally, I was very excited to find this podcast, I really only have one friend who is as into beauty as I am so this podcast filled my desire to dish about all things beauty. The two hosts not only know which products work best and which don’t but they frequently take a scientific approach to their reviews. Often citing consumer reports, peer-reviewed articles, and participant based studies make the beauty science nerd in me very happy.

Deborah Lippmann, Chandler Burr, Rose-Marie Smith, Sir John and Bernadette Johnson are just a few of the amazing guests Fat Mascara has hosted. I loved hearing these beauty influencers and creators stories, their take on the beauty industry and how they got their start.fat mascara podcast review - Cosmetic CompositionIn my few months of podcast obsession, I would highly recommend Fat Mascara to anyone who considers themselves a beauty obsessee, wants to learn more or is even just looking for an entertaining 45 minutes. Jessica and Jennifer list all the products and information you could want on their blog after this show which is an extremely nifty feature and I often find myself going back to check various products, names, and events.

Do you have any favorite beauty and/or science podcasts? I’d love to hear any suggestions below! 

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