links: nineteen

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image from the KLOG


(1) For all the other beauty history nerds out there, this exhibit is for you. The Smithsonian recently opened up the “Cosmetics and Personal Care Products in the Medicine and Science Collections

(2) A great perspective on why we will never be free from “free from” claims in the cosmetic and personal care industry

(3) Upon discovering another beauty science aficionado, I’ve become obsessed with Mrs Beautyphile videos. She addressed all your concerns in an entertaining and cute way!

(4) The perfect explanation to all your questions about different types of retinoids from FutureDerm

(5) A new concept sheet mask I’ve been seeing around Instagram lately are the point sheet masks. Charlotte Cho’s blog The KLOG recently wrote about these new point products

(6) This may not be a beauty science topic, but having nice nails is definitely a source of confidence. Byrdie breaks down the best mani-pedi polish color combos for this summer

happy reading and happy weekend! 

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