book review: the little book of skin care

book review the little book of skin care - Cosmetic Composition

Like many beauty bloggers, I’ve been bitten by the Korean Skin Care bug. I had been seeing a lot of it on Pinterest, Instagram, magazines, and blogs but it’s taken me a while to get a good sense of what exactly Kbeauty and skin care is all about. I felt pretty lost when looking for valid products and trying to understand why certain ingredients were included. Enter “The Little Book of Skin Care” by Soko Glam creator and co-founder Charlotte Cho.

After finishing this short, informative, and cute book I felt so much better about my Korean skin care knowledge! Cho lays out her journey of figuring out the world of beauty, discovering this new world of skin care and shares tip, tricks, and facts along the way. The cute illustrations and pink & black color scheme make it even more enjoyable and a very light read. I was particularly interested in the way the Cho taught herself about skin care. She had the courage to take a job all the way across the Pacific Ocean in South Korea and after meeting some new friends was exposed to an entirely new approach to skin care, makeup, and wellness than what she was used to in America. After learning about these amazing products she and her husband were excited to open Soko Glam and help American beauty addicts learn more about these innovative products.

I’ve said this before, but I am fascinated with skin care routines. I’m always looking to change mine up and add new products. Charlotte Cho might be most well known for the 10-step Korean skin care routine. I’m a huge fan of this routine and recently purchased myself some essence to try out for the first time! (If you’re looking for a way less than 10 step routine, check out my beginner routine here!)

I would highly recommend this book to anyone curious about Korean beauty and skin care or even just skin care in general! It’s a great way to teach yourself about exfoliation, the double cleansing method, why everyone’s obsessed with sheet masks and so much more. However, I can’t promise that  you won’t want to buy a whole new slew of products after reading this book!

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