links: eighteen

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history of soap - links 18

image from Allure

(1) Inanimate object contouring videos are having a major moment on Instagram right now, and this wine contouring video may be the best one out there.

(2) You know the importance of sunscreen by now, but do you know how important the expiration dates are? Check your bottle before hitting the pool this weekend.

(3) Might just be me, but I love learning about the history and progression of cosmetic and personal care products. So I was very intrigued when Allure posted the history of soap.

(4) I’m so excited that beauty emojis finally exists, after seeing this app I immediately texted my best friend to download the beaumoji app so we could communicate properly.

(5) Few people know that the brown colored pigments that occur when our skin tans is actually the result of our skin being overly exposed to UV rays. Scientists have finally determined the mechanism of how melanin is produced in our bodies.

hope you enjoy reading these links as much as I did! Happy weekend! 


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