links: seventeen

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links 17 - elizabeth arden

Elizabeth Arden – image from Colin’s Beauty Pages


(1) Researchers from the University of Cincinnati have recently started a project that aims to create a mathematical approach to how our skin absorbs chemical compounds, a study that may be linked to animal-free cosmetics testing

(2) Cosmetic chemistry has a much longer history than you probably thought, Colin from Colin’s Beauty Pages posted an article about the 4 more influential female cosmetic chemists throughout history

(3) I absolutely love beauty science websites that post ingredient and terminology glossaries, but the one from Rodan+ Fields has to be one of the best I’ve seen so far

(4) A lot of the speculation directed towards the beauty science industry is about how we’re using ingredients that can cause harm people, which has caused a revolt of non-science educated people to strike back with their own information. Perry Romanowski of Chemists Corner posted a great article about this movement 

(5) This week the FDA put a self-published article on their twitter titled “Is it really FDA approved?” finally answering all those common questions consumers have about FDA regulations in the cosmetic’s industry

happy reading!

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