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Happy Friday everyone! I’m currently in Florida celebrating my birthday and have been busy all week with summer activities, which is really getting me excited about the upcoming season. Before I left I took advantage of the free time I had before going back to work and found a ton of great links for this week, hope you all enjoy!

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 1.52.32 PM

(1) My favorite Allure editor Kristie Dash posted a review on mini/travel size beauty products, perfect for any Memorial Day weekend get-away.

(2) You may have seen the newest Korean skin care trend, bubble masks, on social media as of late. Lab Muffin explores the science behind these fun bubble masks, something I wish to try out soon!

(3) As someone who still struggles with acne, I am constantly searching for new skin care products to help out and have recently become obsessed with the notion of using retinol products as an acne treatment. I had no idea how they can be beneficial for skin issues other than aging.

(4) If you haven’t already read my posts on turmeric and honey, now would be the time to do so. I found a great and very popular DIY face mask to go along with both ingredients, perfect for the upcoming summer days.

(5) As I’ve been mentioning above the days are turning more and more into summer, which means it might be a good idea to brush up on how to be sun-safe.

(6) Finally, I’ve been seeing this photograph (below) around lately and think it’s just the cutest/nerdiest thing. It’s based on the famous human chromosome photograph but this one’s made with gummy worms (for those who aren’t science oriented)!

gummy chromosomes



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