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If you follow me on Instagram, you’re aware of my Target addiction and finding out they have a monthly beauty box isn’t helping either!

I’ve been hearing about these konjac cleansing sponges for a long time now and I feel like they’ve recently gained a bit of popularity in the market. Elizabeth Dehn of Beauty Bets posted a guide for these nifty cleansing sponges.

Everyone should at some point figure out their signature scent, and this little guide from Byrdie Beauty is helping me figure out mine.

I heard a tip recently about putting concealer around your nose as a way to subtly contour and I have to admit it definitely does something, here are some more concealer places you may not have thought of before.

Lab Muffin posted an information guide about the science behind hydrocolloid patches. I haven’t heard patches until I read this article, but now I’m very interested in trying them!

happy reading and happy reading!

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