book review: The French Beauty Solution


the French Beauty Solution review

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If I haven’t been obsessed with wanting to be as chic as the French before, I am now. Caudalie creator and author of the French Beauty Solution, Mathilde Thomas explores the French’s ideas behind beauty and all that comes with it.

As the creator of Caudalie, a natural skin care line, Thomas explains her obsession with skin care through her childhood stories of growing up in a vineyard in France. It is clear that the author has put a lot of passion into her work to build this brand. Not only does she explain the inspiration behind her skin care line creation, but she explores common beauty notions of the French.

Comparing French and American beauty, health, diet and fashion choices, Thomas explores our two countries while reflecting on her own experiences. She describes the most tedious tasks, such as applying lotion/oil after a shower in the most elegant way that makes me want to not dread this step.

My favorite part of the book is where Thomas has a section devoted to explaining common skin care ingredients, definitions, ingredients to avoid, skin care regimens and much more. I’d recommend this book to anyone curious about how to structure their beauty routine, obviously in the chic and simple ways of the French.

Thomas also provides amazing and easy to do beauty tips/habits. I, myself, have already gone out and purchased some grape seed oil inspired by her detailed explanation of its many uses. There is a section devoted to beauty DIY’s in the back, as well as her experience and recommendations about the 3-day grape cleanse.

the French Beauty Solution review copyOverall, this was definitely a great book to read, I’d highly recommend it to anyone looking for some beauty inspiration out there! It has left me with no guilt over not styling my hair, wanting to use luxurious face masks nightly and attempt to be as French as possible.

au revior! 




*Opinions are all my own, I just really liked my Spring Break read*


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